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  • How do I get a quote?
    Just go to the Home page of the site or in the cottatti section and fill out the form to send the request for a quote, we will respond quickly.
  • What are the times for the realization of a project from scratch?
    We usually process all our inquiries within 20-30 business days. Of course, there can be simpler projects that are done in less time and more complex projects that increase delivery times.
  • Do you also make PCBs from wiring diagram o from gerber files?
    Of course we take care of this too, just send a request for a quote with the wiring diagram or with the gerber file to be created.
  • Do you also carry out repairs?
    No, we are involved in the design and development of electronic circuits, prototypes and mass production.



 Servizio Clienti +39 3317495848

 (Dal lunedì al Venerdì dalle 9 alle 18)

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